After many years working in a technical industry, I turned my interest into a more creative and artistic field. That is when my preparation for design and confection of fashion apparel started.

During my years of training, my focus kept recurring to creating clothes that enhanced femininity maintaining comfort. This is the Core of MAITETXU.

In MAITETXU, our designs are dedicated to that woman wanting to exude her confidence, without sacrificing comfort. She loves unique pieces with an Impact, especially pieces carrying a story.


We are located in Houston, Texas, USA. All our pieces are manufactured locally and proudly show it in our tags “Made in USA”. The capsule collections offer the opportunity to test pieces with our customers, so we can focus on producing the ones with higher demand. If a client is interested in a specific piece shown in a collection that is not being sold online, the option of contacting us for a custom made meeting is available.

We produce only with high end fabrics, very limited inventory, or under orders placed. Our focus is to be environmentally conscious with no material waste.